edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone

Dr Fulminare’s tour of Japan yielded many intriguing and curious creatures. Here, in their long-necked, cloud-dwelling glory, lurk the myths of old Edo and modern Tokyo. Scamper past the river, seek the ghost dog of Chikugo Fields, and watch out for that wind-twitching scarf…

40pp, ISBN 978-0-9564164-1-4

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The second micro-anthology from Sidekick Books contains poems and artwork inspired by traditional Japanese monsters. The title is a portmanteau of ‘panorama’ and obakemono (お化け物), the Japanese word for a changed or perverted thing (with the prefix お denoting respect). Accordingly, there lurk within its pages long-necked and long-tongued demons, winged dogs, mysterious children hiding in umbrellas, amphibious tricksters, killer scarves, cloud apparitions and numerous other age-old horrors of myth and legend.

Features new poems and illustrations by:

Amy Blakemore, David Floyd, Mary Graham, Aiko Harman, Hanne Harkonen, Kirsten Irving, Jd, Roddy Lumsden, Seb Manley, Ian McLachlan, Adham Smart, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Darnae ‘Crimsonwolf’ Sobolewski, Mike Stone, Richard Watt and Chrissy Williams. If you like your poetry pint-sized, check out our other micro-anthologies, Pocket Spellbook and Korsakoff’s Paper Chain.