Over The Line (digital edition only)


(Paperback sold out / Digital edition only)
Edited by Chrissy Williams and Tom Humberstone

Poet and comics editor Chrissy Williams and comics artist Tom Humberstone present this beauteous, genre-bending volume. Over 70 pages of brand new poetry comics, with a showcase of work by other artists in the field and a detailed introduction to this exciting hybrid medium.

About the Authors

Chrissy Williams is a writer, critic and tutor based in London, UK. She is the author of various 6works of poetry, including Flying into the Bear (Happenstance Press, 2013, shortlisted for Michael Marks Award), and collaborations with visual artists The Jam Trap (Soaring Penguin Press, 2012) and ANGELA with Howard Hardiman (Sidekick Books, 2013).

Tom Humberstone is a comic artist and illustrator based in London, UK. He produced the weekly political comic, In The Frame, for the New Statesman, which was nominated for a British Comic Award in 2014. His comics have been published by Image Comics, Cartoon Movement, The Nib and Blank Slate Books. He also edits and publishes the UK comic anthology Solipsistic Pop.

112pp, ISBN 978-1-909560-02-4

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“This is that spine-tingling moment when two attractive and sophisticated forms, both admired for their rhythm and sense of timing, eye each other across the cultural dance floor. In Over The Line, at once an insightful introduction and a comprehensive showcase for the emerging phenomenon of Poetry Comics, Chrissy Williams and Tom Humberstone provide the best possible venue for what looks like being a breathtaking tango. I really can’t recommend this venture highly enough, and I’d advise you mark your card immediately.”


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