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Sidekick Books is a London-based small press founded in 2010 by Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving, though (un)officially the editor-in-chief is the disgraced alchemist Dr. Fulminare, with the next in the chain of command being his familiar, Bandijcat.

We specialise in collaborative books, mostly made up of poems. Our guiding ethos when we began was to explore alternatives to the single-author poetry volume, and to mix poetry with other genres and types of book. Our books have been nominated for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry, been featured in The Guardian and BBC Wildlife Magazine, and won the Sabouteur Award for Best Collaboration. We’ve put on various joint readings and events with other presses and organisations, including The Poetry Society, and we’ve thrown book launches as toga parties and immersive theatre.

We also sometimes sell bookmarks, badges, special editions and so on at book fairs, but these tend to disappear pretty fast.


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