Follow the Trail of Moths


Edited by Wayne Holloway-Smith
Illustrated by Sophie Gainsley

Night-time gatherings in the dark heart of London, poets, talks and music. One house, crammed to the rafters with free art. Between these covers we’ve gathered work by the performers from Wayne Holloway Smith’s legendary salons. Look for the first moth, then the next, and keep going until the door before you opens.

72pp, ISBN 978-1-909560-16-1

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Once upon a time, poet Wayne Holloway-Smith decided to bring his favourite poets and artists into the public eye by offering them a new kind of stage: his living room.

Wayne had moved into a new flat in a King’s Cross backstreet. It was secreted yet spacious. Little did he know at that stage how many friends and random members of the public – not to mention journalists and photographers – would descend on the place, sparking salacious rumours and ensuring these ‘salons’ a place in London’s literary folklore.

Each event came with a map, hand-drawn by artist Sophie Gainsley, inviting people to ‘follow the trail of moths’, which lined the street from tube station to venue. Filling his kitchen with fine foods, Wayne gave his home over to performances from leading British poets, accompanied by savvy micro-lectures, music and art installations, spanning three nights from December to March. This book contains, in print form, a selection of the work read on those nights, as well as a complete story by author Imogen Robertson.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the banjo interludes.


Rachael Allen, Mark Waldron, Matthew Caley, Tim Wells, Harry Burke, Annie Freud, Jack Underwood, Kayo Chingonyi, Camellia Stafford, Imogen Robertson, Sophie Colins, Matthew Gregory, Inua Ellams, Sam Riviere, Professor Glass, Clare Pollard.