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A Sidekick Advent Calendar: Day 17

Our third and final Christmas monster appears! The most dangerous yet? Quite possibly!

Move over, Krampus!

*pant* Can’t believe I ran up that big hill for *pant* this!
While Krampus himself is easy to spot, with his frightening visage (that badass German children are totally unafraid of), this final demon is all the more terrifying because they could be anywhere. Worse: they could be anyone.

We’re talking about The Artist. Waiting under cover of darkness to create dissident, corrupting images and weld together unnatural words, this fiend is a master of disguise.

Thankfully, Sidekick Books has published Confronting The Danger of Art, by noted scholars Ian McLachlan and Phil Cooper.* A useful guide to spotting the Artist in your town and reporting them to the appropriate authorities, this pamphlet may well become your best friend.

Here is an excerpt on the threat posed by Art to our communities, our children, our very lives.


A Sidekick Advent Calendar: Day 9

Run for the hills! We have a second visitation from a would-be Christmas monster!

Move over, Krampus!

Seriously, look how sad he is. His little face!
Today’s terror from another realm comes in a deceptively sweet guise. Do not be fooled by the twinset and half-moon specs, not the soothing keep fit videos. This soft-voiced slaughterer has left a horrifying body count in her wake.

Forget Gilles de Rais, Countess Bathory, Vlad the Impaler. Turn your gaze instead to sleepy Cabot Cove, lair of the one they call…

The truth is out. Poet Chrissy Williams and artist Howard Hardiman have written and illustrated Angela, a daring expose of the Artist Formerly Known As Jessica Fletcher. Make no mistake. They are one and the same, and wherever they go, there will be blood… *

*…and sausage dogs. Don’t ask.

A Sidekick Advent Calendar: Day 2

Hold on to your hats, because the Sidekick Advent Calendar is going to have some regular and recurring features, and also hats keep your head warm and it’s getting dramatically cold out! In fact, keep a spare pair of earmuffs handy in case something exciting happens and your hands are otherwise occupied!

The first recurring feature to be unveiled is …

Move over, Krampus!

Krampus is Germanic folklore’s Christmas beast-demon, a counter to St. Nicholas who stuffs naughty children into his sack and spirits them away on cloven hooves. Why, we at Sidekick are forced to ask, aren’t there a sweeter abundance of Christmas monsters with which to terrorise impressionable minds? Might we make a suggestion or two?

First up, one of Japan’s impressive array of mythical changelings: the Aka-shita. describes these fearsome demons as “agents of bad luck and evil … primarily known as punishers in water disputes”.

Here it is as it appeared in our Japanese monster anthology, Obakarama, rendered visually by Michael Stone, and addressed in poetry by Adham Smart.

Traditionally, the Aka-shita is a summer monster, but there’s nothing to say a little winter shift work would go amiss. Hiding in its cloud, the bright-tongued revenger would find house entry via the chimbley easy. It would then proceed to the child’s bedroom and lick its sleeping face to make a moral determination. Evil or ethically-compromised minors would suffer bad luck in the ensuing present-giving, receiving the wrong edition of the latest Pokemon, Bryan Adams instead of Ryan Adams, and so on.


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