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A Sidekick Advent Calendar: Day 17

Our third and final Christmas monster appears! The most dangerous yet? Quite possibly!

Move over, Krampus!

*pant* Can’t believe I ran up that big hill for *pant* this!
While Krampus himself is easy to spot, with his frightening visage (that badass German children are totally unafraid of), this final demon is all the more terrifying because they could be anywhere. Worse: they could be anyone.

We’re talking about The Artist. Waiting under cover of darkness to create dissident, corrupting images and weld together unnatural words, this fiend is a master of disguise.

Thankfully, Sidekick Books has published Confronting The Danger of Art, by noted scholars Ian McLachlan and Phil Cooper.* A useful guide to spotting the Artist in your town and reporting them to the appropriate authorities, this pamphlet may well become your best friend.

Here is an excerpt on the threat posed by Art to our communities, our children, our very lives.


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