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A Sidekick Advent Calendar: Day 9

Run for the hills! We have a second visitation from a would-be Christmas monster!

Move over, Krampus!

Seriously, look how sad he is. His little face!
Today’s terror from another realm comes in a deceptively sweet guise. Do not be fooled by the twinset and half-moon specs, not the soothing keep fit videos. This soft-voiced slaughterer has left a horrifying body count in her wake.

Forget Gilles de Rais, Countess Bathory, Vlad the Impaler. Turn your gaze instead to sleepy Cabot Cove, lair of the one they call…

The truth is out. Poet Chrissy Williams and artist Howard Hardiman have written and illustrated Angela, a daring expose of the Artist Formerly Known As Jessica Fletcher. Make no mistake. They are one and the same, and wherever they go, there will be blood… *

*…and sausage dogs. Don’t ask.

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