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Submissions wanted for the Hipflask series!

Sidekick Books are back with a call for submissions!
Send us your finest creative moonshine! Four book covers, featuring a dictaphone blended with an octopus, a game board blended with a snake, a couple dancing blended with gunpowder and a lighter and a moth blended with binoculars.

In early 2022, Sidekick Books will be publishing four brand new anthologies in a limited series we’re calling Hipflasks, and we want you to help us fill them.

The titles will be:
  • Say It Again: a book of misquotations
  • Roll Again: a book of games to play
  • You Again: a book of love-hate stories
  • Look Again: a book of hidden messages
  Like a real hipflask, these books will be squat, potent and portable, with notes of poetry and kicks of intertextual meddling. Great for hiding in your garter! Readers will be able to dip in for a nip or a slug, share them and savour their contents. Go to Call for Submissions Deadline: 25th October 2021


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