Sandsnarl / Sweet Mystress: new pamphlet & game-poem from Sidekick’s Jon Stone!

Sidekick editor Jon Stone has been a busy bee of late!

On Friday 3rd Sept, he launched his pamphlet Sandsnarl with the ever-excellent Emma Press.

Sandsnarl cover - yellow swirls on a white background

Sandsnarl is a settlement steeped in sand – though where it came from and how long ago is a matter of tall tales and steely whispers. The sand itself makes accurate record-keeping impossible. It is drug, ore, plague and delicacy. The inhabitants of this region (or is it a fallen kingdom?) talk and think through its haze. Some alter their shape. Others fizz and seethe with the habit of resistance. These poems eavesdrop, extract and sift. Together, they make a brief impression of a time and place, a Buñuelian musical without the music.

Click here to view sample poems and buy your copy!

Secondly, as part of National Poetry Day 2021, the Forward Arts Foundation has featured Jon’s interactive poem Sweet Mystress on their website.

Can you find your way through the island and solve the puzzles you encounter en route?

Click here to test your mettle.

Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 25 – Jon Stone & Kirsten Irving

OK, we know most advent calendars only have 24 days, but we couldn’t resist joining the party. For our Christmas Day 25th window, Jon and K have opened two enchanted bonus windows! Magic and mystery are part of our history, after all…

Thank you for following this aperture poetry advent calendar, and thank you to all of our supporters and friends for a wonderful year. We hope you are ensconced in warmth, companionship and fine reading. Have a lovely holiday and a mischievous new year!