RUFFIAN READY SALE: Coin Opera II: Fulminare’s Revenge

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Edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone

NOTE: RUFFIAN READY copies have mild cover damage or imperfections due to their scrapping and mischief. Inner pages are as new. Grab a bruiser of a bargain!

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The sequel to Sidekick’s first ever micro-anthology, Coin Opera, Coin Opera II: Fulminare’s Revenge is the bigger, brasher, more hotfoiled upgrade: a clickable love letter to the video game. Formal experiments mimic and subvert trope and genre, as Sidekick dives into the treasure chest of gaming. Expect fight poems, boss poems, team-ups and more. Features a foreword by Marvel writer and former NGamer journalist Kieron Gillen.

168pp, ISBN 978-1-909560-21-5

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Once again, Dr Fulminare has set a generation of plundering wild-head poets loose on the whole four-decade span of video games, compelling them to seek out mystery and meaning in a panoply of virtual realities. This time the scale is grander, the rewards richer, the effects dazzling in their variety.

Mixing existing poems by well-known performers like Ross Sutherland and Nathan Penlington with newly commissioned work from a plethora of young writers, Coin Opera 2 uncovers the surprising similarities between the two mediums: the hidden rules and restrictions, the role of rhythm and structural repetition, the need to access that vital space between ‘too hard’ and ‘too easy’ which snares the human imagination, and, fundamentally, the importance of play.

These are poems that don’t just respond to the games that inspired them, but mould and reshape them, mimic and tinker with form and convention, fuse and confuse our world with theirs.

Expect poems made entirely out of Playstation controller inputs, Lemmings as a metaphysical tale of transcendence, Caligula cynically gunning for a role in Final Fantasy IV, two-player head-to-head and collaborative poems, and mega-size boss poems.

Everything, in fact, that the good Doctor needs to make his dreams of vengeance and world domination a reality.