Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 21 – James Midgley

Day 21 of the Aperture Poetry #AdventCalendar and we’re going deep-sea diving with the godfather of the aperture poetry form, James Midgley! Peep through the porthole, or between the fronds and see what treasure you find in the depths

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Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 14 – Lesley Sharpe

Day 14 of the Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar, and Lesley Sharpe is taking us into the heart of the beast: Bluebeard’s castle. As we wander the catacombs, listening to his footfall overhead, what horrors might we happen upon and wish we could unsee?

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Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 11 – Roberta James

Clank, rattle, creak! Something is firing up, stirring its cogs and rumbling into action. It’s Day 11 of the Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar, and Roberta James is our resident engineer, keen to show us her latest contraption. Read her pistoning poem here.

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Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 5 – Andrea Mbarushimana

Day Five, and the Aperture Advent Calendar sees our guest poet Andrea Mbarushimana tiptoeing through – what – a hotel, a boarding school, a convent? We can’t say for sure, but we know we can’t linger. Take what you can learn and scurry on. Yyou are being watched.

Talking of learning, to find out more about Andrea, follow her on Twitter @andymba24 or sneak across to

Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 4 – Linda Black

We’re looking up and squinting into the sun today as the intrepid Linda Black takes over the Aperture Advent Calendar!

Something is shifting before our eyes in this aperture. Just as clouds change from dragons to cranes, this pinhole-camera poem gives us fragments drifting in and out.

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Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 2 – Peg Duthie

Day Two of our Aperture Calendar and it’s the turn of the wonderful Peg Duthie!

So it’s a slightly more heated drawing room we’re glimpsing into today. There’s a somewhat scandalous argument taking place. If only we could linger a little longer outside…

Find out more about today’s Advent Gallivanter at and on Twitter at @Zirconium.

Enjoy Day Two!

ACE news, Headbooks and making a splash!

Sidekick Books is extremely happy to announce that Arts Council England have given us funding to produce our first four Headbooks! This thrilling and unusual set of titles aims to introduce poetry to new audiences through play, rich visuals and interactive elements. Huge thanks to ACE for their generosity in supporting our work. Sidekick’s collaborative, multi-author focus means our titles fall outside the guidelines of many prizes, so ACE’s support enables us to carry on mixing, meddling and commissioning strange creations. The Headbooks series is a genre-busting set of gift books blending visual poetry with games and activities, and bringing poetry out of the corner of the bookshop, into the light. Our first Headbook, due out next month, is Aquanauts, a twisting, turning journey under the water. Featuring calligrams, colour pages, exercises and creative prompts, it’s a deep dive into the unknown and a feast for the senses. Here’s a taster:
Aquanauts cover, featuring enigmatic model El Aguador
Aquanauts cover, featuring enigmatic model El Aguador
We’ll be following up this aquatic adventure with a journey through time to the Roman empire, to meet Bad Kid Catullus, an explosive set of new Catullus translations, riffs and reactions, mixing collage with frottage. That’ll be due in September. Finally, in 2018, we’ll be issuing open calls for submissions for The Sidekick Book of Sidekicks, a tribute to the shadows that follow heroes and villains, and No, Robot, No!, an updated, multiplayer version of K and Jon’s debut joint pamphlet.

Some … Excuse Me … Damn Fine News

To coincide with both the new series of Twin Peaks and the publication of Chrissy Williams’ first full collection, BEAR (Bloodaxe Books), we’re re-releasing the long out-of-print ANGELA, a team-up between Chrissy and illustrator Howard Hardiman that marries Angela Lansbury to Lynchian surrealism and a Peaksy colour palette. If you’re finding modern life just a little too cosy and comforting, just set ANGELA on your bedside table and let the nightmares do their work.

The Ted Hughes Award nominated Finders Keepers is also entering its second printing, having become an endangered species itself in the bookshop. Nothing lasts forever, so get a copy while you can, on its own or in one of our book bundles.

The Saboteurs are in our midst!

It’s March, and that can, frankly, mean many things.

But for Sidekick Books it means something particularly important!

  Saboteur Awards logo  

Yes, the most important indie poetry awards are back! With the exception of the Ted Hughes Award, only the Saboteur Awards explicitly recognise poetry anthologies and collaborations. These awards are nominated and voted for by you, the public! If you like the work we do (and Dr F takes credit for, and Bandijcat regularly derails), please take two minutes to nominate us for these incredibly important indie awards. We will be tremendously grateful. Three categories we would love your vote in are:  

  • Best Collaboration (Finders Keepers)
Finders Keepers front cover
Finders Keepers front cover
  • Best Anthology (Birdbook IV: Saltwater and Shore)
Birdbook: Saltwater and Shore  

and if you’re feeling particularly warm and fuzzy towards us:

  • Most Innovative Publisher (um…)
Sidekick Books logo

Thank you, as ever, for your love and support. Nominate away!