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Sunday Review: Penned in the Margins round-up

A special Winter round-up this week – with yours truly back in the critic’s seat! I know! It’s been forever! Anyway, it’s time to look over at fellow London published Penned in the Margins and assess the good work they’ve been doing in bringing bright, young poets into print. Click here to read on.

Sunday Review: Matthew Stewart’s Tasting Notes

posted by the Judge

Uh oh, looks like it’s my turn to review a book again. This Sunday I chose to deal with Matthew Stewart’s Tasting Notes, an interesting and very short work that is all about wine. Find out what I thought about it here.

It’s too early for wine as I write this. Can I wish you an enjoyable mug of hot milk, tea, or coffee? Or just join us for Kirsten’s launch and have one with us in person!

Sunday Review: Jonathan Steffen’s Exposure

posted by the Judge

It’s Sunday, and Sunday derives from the original Greek Sunday, meaning ‘a time for reviews’. To honour this ancient order, here at DrFulminare we publish our review of the day: Exposure by Jonathan Steffen, a bold attempt at synthesis of the poetic and photographic arts. Harry Giles is the man to tell us if it works.

It’s a bit late in the day to wish you a great Sunday, so have a great Sunday evening, whether at home or in da street.

Sunday Review: Idra Novey’s Exit, Civilian

posted by the Judge

This Sunday, Rowyda Amin reviews Exit, Civilian, by Idra Novey, selected for the National Poetry Series in the US of A. You can find the review here. An entire collection dedicated to the American prison system – you don’t get poetry much more socially engaged than this.

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Review: Maria Taylor’s Melanchrini

posted by the Judge

Time for our Sunday review! This week it’s Maria Taylor’s turn to get under our spotlight in our review of her collection Melanchrini, a book of poems heavily concerned with mythology and memory.

The book is published by Nine Arches Press and the review is expertly handled by Anthony Adler.


School of Forgery reviewed in Poetry London

The Autumn issue of Poetry London carries a very generous review of School of Forgery by Alison Brackenbury. Choice extracts:

“Should young poets learn to shorten their books? I hope that Jon Stone will not. School of Forgery, though replete with contemporary reference, remains old-fashioned in its rich sprawl.” 

“Bold coinages and leaps of thought leave Stone’s poems echoing, beyond novelties of physical description, into new spaces in the mind.”

“These intricate collages flash with moving lines … They retain all of Stone’s ingenious energy …”

“… I have never seen well-written poetry in such a brilliant visual joke as Stone’s Avengers silhouettes.”

(For anyone wondering, I have no plans to shorten my books. In fact, I think they might get longer. Ideally, long enough for the page corners to be used to carry a flickbook animation.)

Sunday Review: Absence has a weight of its own, by Daniel Sluman

posted by the Judge

Sunday review up, fellas. Amy McCauley is dealing with Daniel Sluman’s collection Absence has a weight of its own, and she seems to have liked it very much.
You can read the full review here.

Hope you woke up reasonably late after whatever shenanigans you underwent on Saturday night!


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