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The Hour of the Saboteurs Approaches…

Saboteur Awards 2018 – Sidekick Books nominated in two categories!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone hates to be hassled for online votes. Which is why we’re only going to mention this once, and then we’ll get back onto making you more weird and wonderful books about robots, bats and soforth.

Sidekick Books have been nominated for the Saboteur Awards in the following categories:

1. Most Innovative Publisher

2. Best Anthology (Aquanauts)

Now, a) we believe we’re pretty innovative as a press, and we are very proud of the beautiful underwater odyssey that is Aquanauts. And b) The Saboteurs are the only awards that recognise the strange literary concoctions we make.

So if you like what we do, please vote for us. We would truly appreciate it. If someone else takes your fancy on the shortlist, vote with your heart. In the case of octopus fans, vote with all three of your hearts.

Voting closes on 9th May 2018.

That’s it. That’s as much as we’ll hassle, harangue and badger you. Thanks for reading, and thank you, as ever, for all of your support!

Votey McVoteface here!

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