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SUN-day review! Sarah Arvio’s night thoughts

posted by the Judge

It’s Sunday! And, er, it’s chaos. I’ve been all caught up with stuff that’s been happening, and in the middle of it all Blogger decided to die on me (hence the fact that I skipped the local update to the review ofTodorovic’s Little Red Transistor Radiolast week).
As importantly, I only just found out that “It’s Sunday!” is alarmingly close to the catchphrase for Rebecca Black’s dumbass hit video. Apparently I’m a gigantic fool for being the only person on the planet not to have heard of Miss Black (I only found out about her through her death battlewith Justin Bieber), who has the most contradictory name for the type of persona she projects. It would be much more fitting if she were reading Sylvia Plath and acting all goth, like I would have done at sixteen had I been a girl. Come to think of it, I was doing pretty much the same as a boy, ‘cept that instead of Plath I was reading Leopardi. ANYWAY. You can picture me announcing this weekend’s review with flashing multicoloured pop-lights all around me and this rapper dude driving around in a car making rhymes about poetry criticism.* That would be the day.
It’s Sun-day! Sun-day! We’re reviewing poetry to-day! It’s being reviewed by Shane A! He’ reviewing Sarah Arvio, hey! Her book is night thoughts, yay! Read it over at this link, wa-hay! Fun, yeah! Party, yeah!
(Wait a second. There’s a connection even between night thoughts and Rebecca Black’s name now? WTF???)
I’m over that. Have a great Sun-day!

*(I’m off to try and make that video).

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