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Sunday Review (Winter Special Edition!): Ice / Skate

posted by the Judge

Aye aye! It’s Sunday, and it’s also quite cold outside. Since we’re all still enveloped in the white embrace of winter, here at Dr Fulminare we’re bringing you a review that is all about the cold season: two books in one go, one is called Ice, the other is called Skate, both edited by Meredith Collins, and for this special occasion they are being reviewed of course by Jon Snow.

No, hold on a second. Jon Snow was a character from Game of Thrones, the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark. The one I’m probably thinking about is Jon Stone, who works with me at this site. But come to think of it there was another character in Game of Thrones called Mya Stone, who was the illegitimate daughter of Robert Baratheon. What the heck? Are these guys all from the same family?

Never mind. Read the review by clicking on this link while I go ask Kirsten Lannister who was who.

Have a great Sunday!

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