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Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 3 – Rishi Dastidar

Day Three of our brazen Aperture Calendar, and it’s the turn of Rishi Dastidar.

Rishi has clearly been eavesdropping somewhere big. We’re thinking Albert-Hall big, from the snatches of conversation we can make out..

Good Patrons, Day Three!

Follow Rishi Dastidar on Twitter to learn more about his work.

Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day 2 – Peg Duthie

Day Two of our Aperture Calendar and it’s the turn of the wonderful Peg Duthie!

So it’s a slightly more heated drawing room we’re glimpsing into today. There’s a somewhat scandalous argument taking place. If only we could linger a little longer outside…

Find out more about today’s Advent Gallivanter at and on Twitter at @Zirconium.

Enjoy Day Two!

Sidekick Aperture Poetry Advent Calendar Day One – Andrea Tallarita

Happy Advent, one and all! This year, we put out a call for Aperture poems to light up the old Sidekick Calendar.

The Aperture Poem is a form invented by the poet James Midgley for his ‘Pinhole’ sequence. The form places a window-shaped frame on an existing text, to show us only a fragment, as if we are passing by a house, eavesdropping on a conversation or sat in the restricted access seats at the theatre.

The results have been wonderful, and we can’t wait to fling wide the window and show you the splendid pieces we chose.

But wait we must! One day at a time, folks!

To kick off with, it’s a fantastic piece by our favourite Roman  Senator, Andrea Tallarita. Without further nonsense, here’s Day One! Can you guess the text at which we’re sneaking a peek?

PS: We will also be illustrating each post with a copyright-free window cat, because we can.


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