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Richard Watt


in the prefecture
mark my wild return:
a prismatic fellow,
children call me spring-heel,
padding softly
like a fall into a well
of old mouse bones.

Vines under foot
keep me sheriff ’d.
No knives or horns
under my hat, as I follow
fifteen feet behind and to the side,
a hook, adhesive mister –
I only hope you know
where I am going.

Art by Jd

Richard Watt‘s debut collection, The Golem, is available from Holdfire Press. He lives in Angus, Scotland, where he is a press manager for the Scottish Parliament.

Jd is a Seattle-based artist. He started drawing Japanese folklore characters in the early nineties and continues to contribute pages to his never-to-be-released book as new ideas and stories reach his ears.

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