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£6.00 £3.00

Edited by Simon Barraclough

NOTE: RUFFIAN READY copies have mild cover damage or imperfections due to their scrapping and mischief. Inner pages are as new. Grab a bruiser of a bargain!

12 cabins, 12 guests, 1 terrifying scene-by-scene poetic journey through Hitchcocks’s horror classic Psycho. Chase down one of the last copies of this incredible collaboration, its clothing torn, its face scratched, its hair in disarray. Then devour it.



Conceived and edited by Simon Barraclough, Psycho Poetica breaks down Hitchcock’s classic movie Psycho into scenes and hands them to trembling poets. This dark and windblown collection is a love letter, witness statement and post-mortem to the grim goings-on at the Bates Motel.