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How lush and lusty the seagrass looks through the mine fields.



Sidekick Headbooks No. 1

Aquanauts is a multi-tentacled, technicolour haul from the underwater realms, advancing from the rich broth of garden ponds to the immutable dark of the deep sea. It's your very own unreliable handbook to sharks and skates, subs and spookfish, vile jellies and sorrowful shipwrecks, with pages to record your own facts, findings, ideas and journal entries. Keep it with you, fill it up, and pass it on, or stow it way for later enthralment.

176pp, ISBN 978-1-909560-26-0



Headbooks: headlong expeditions into the half-known. A blend of the factual and fantastical, the lyrical and the visual – and fully customisable, with scrapbook and do-it-yourself pages. Get creative and join us on our foray

Aquanauts is the first book in the series


Rowyda Amin, Urvashi Bahuguna, Tessa Berring, Clive Birnie, Penny Boxall, Sean Burn, Chelsea Cargill, James Coghill, Holly Corfield Carr, Amy Evans, Giles Goodland, Matt Haigh, Edmund Hardy, Kirsten Irving, Rob Mackenzie, Phil Madden, Ceri May, Stephen Nelson, Gabrielle Nolan, Richard O’Brien, Abi Palmer, Abigail Parry, Phoebe Power, Shauna Robertson, Penelope Shuttle, Chris Sakellaridis, Jon Stone, Kate Wakeling, Mike West, Jennifer Wong.


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