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Jen Wainwright

‘The Only Non-Conformist in the Crew’

J.M. Barrie, on Hook’s bo’sun Smee

Winter visitor:
inoffensive swashbuckler,
croak-throated ghostpunk.

Hollow hoverer,
stubborn little nest bandit,
black-eyed treeraker.

Tufted lakebullet,
vagabonding cutlassbeak.
wrigglefish chaser.

Chaotic flyer –
black-white-black-white cracked-ice blur –
crashlanding rippler.

Hooded merganser.
White widgeon, weasel coot.
Smee duck,
white nun,

Jen Wainwright is an editor of children’s books. She has recently taken the plunge and moved to Lyon to start a new life among the cheese and pastries of France, where she hopes to spend lots more time writing. Her poetry has appeared in several magazines, including Fuselit, Iota and The Journal.

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