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Special Gift Edition Korsakoff’s Paper Chain – SOLD OUT


Iincludes micro-anthology, hand-collaged gift card and keepsake dictaphone-tape pendant, all bagged up and ready to gift!

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Just as a patient suffering from Korsakoff’s Syndrome, which affects the memory, may confabulate – create a false account in order to explain their solution and completely believe in it – and just as an act of architectural restoration may involve a certain amount of creative guesswork, so too goes the story of this wretched scrap of literature. Repeatedly destroyed, savaged, battered and blown to bits, only to be rebuilt from a few scattered remains by a different writer every time, it has survived long enough to be worth my presenting to you in bound form, with every past iteration having been reclaimed using sorcery, and the full story of its life painstakingly put back together. I, Dr Fulminare, give you the one and only Korsakoff’s Paper Chain.

In this gorgeous hand-made gift edition, in addition to the anthology, we have included a blank greeting card, collaged with a unique scalpel-cut vintage photograph, spliced with white noise where the face should be, as well as a pendant made from a dictaphone tape! Just the present for friends with short memories.



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