Sunday review: Jude Cowan Montague’s ‘The Groodoyals of Terre Rouge’

posted by the Judge

I’ve got no idea what a groodoyal is.

I say this because when I blog about our Sunday reviews I usually add a pic that has something to do with the book we’re reviewing. But since this week we’re doing Jude Cowan Montague‘s The Groodoyals of Terre Rouge (or to be more precise, Charles Whalley is ‘doing’ it), I found myself kind of at a loss for words. I mean, pics.

Fortunately there seems to be some kind of unwritten rule on the internet that when you’ve got no idea what image to use in any given context, you can add pictures of stormtroopers. So here ya go. Solved.

You can read the review by clicking on this link.

Once you’ve done that, enjoy what’s left of your Sunday! (Seven minutes, from where I stand).

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