Sunday review: Anthony Wilson’s Riddance

posted by the Judge

Goddamn, what a day. I was out in London with a friend and I was reminded of every reason I love that city so much. I was also reminded of the fact that Camden Town is DAMNED TO HELL with me. Every time I go there something bad happens – in this case, someone nicked a hat I was exceptionally fond of. I walked out of that pub and would have welcomed a fist fight, no joke.

So after all that stuff happened, I got back home and finally found the time to stop thinking about hats and turn my mind to poetry criticism. Here’s our Sunday review, gents. Judi Sutherland reviews Anthony Wilson’s Riddance, which is about the lugubrious topic of cancer. A difficult topic, but apparently Wilson handles it in a pretty detached manner.

I’d love to close with our usual ‘Have a great Sunday’, but it may be a bit late for that. And ‘have a great Monday’ sounds like I’m mocking you.

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