A Selection of Favourites

'What Robots Murmur Through Broken Sleep'
'Jake Root'

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Four Poems @ The Harlequin
Steam and Transylvania @ The White Review
The Bumblebee Dreams @ Missing Slate
Four Poems @ The New Statesman
My Body @ Toe Good
Poem In Which Suddenly I'm Awake @ Poems In Which
Adcock Modulations @ qarrtsiluni
A Chest of Letters @ Toe Good Poetry
Six poems @ Peony Moon
Three poems for Herbarium, a project for the Urban Physics Garden
Three poems @ etcetera
Nell Gwynn poses for Lely @ Pomegranate
Caligula reviews the silence @ Mercy Online (12 Angry Zines #7)
Caligula as a Character in Final Fantasy @ Eyewear (Friday Feature Poet)
Malignants @ Hand + Star
Bedhair @ Horizon Review
Bullshit-Related Injuries in the A&E @ Poemeleon
The Wind Outside @ Pomegranate
High Swifts & Formalities @ Umbrella
Tattooparle @ The Facebook Review
Hydromancy @ Pomegranate
Two Poems @ Soundzine
Cemetery, 1793 @ qarrtsiluni
Three poems @ Fringe Poetry
Lara and Gheist @ Toad In Mud
Scissorhappy @ The Wolf (print magazine archived online at poetrymagazines.org.uk)
Three Poems @ Nth Position
The One Where The Cake Ignites @ McSweeney's Internet Tendency
Shooting Nudes @ Word Riot
Harriet Just @ Guardian Books
Gators Versus Zombies @ NR1
Four Poems @ Argotist Online

'Tiberius and the Kid' in The Emma Press Anthology of Fatherhood, May 2014
'Chamber' and 'Dearest Wolverine' in Drawn To Marvel, April 2014
'The Submissions of Alan' in The Mimic Octopus, April 2014
'Svartalfaheimr' and 'Superexposure III' in Der Greif 7, November 2013
'Weaponry' and 'Glamour' in The Emma Press Anthology of Mildly Erotic Verse, 2013
'Terrifying Angels' in Poetry Review Volume 102:2, Summer 2012
Three poems in Clinic 2, June 2011
'Who Are At War' in Brand, Spring/Summer 2011
Five poem showcase in Magma 49, Spring 2011
Two poems in Stop Sharpening Your Knives 4, Janurary 2011
'Burying a Pigeon' in Dwang 2, June 2010
Two poems in Under The Radar 4, October 2009
'Alternative Endings to The Ladykillers' in Pen Pusher 13, Summer 2009
Four poems in City State: New London Poetry, May 2009
'One Hundred Windowless Rooms' in Stop Sharpening Your Knives 3, May 2009
'Legendary' in Notes from the Underground 3, February 2009
'Sleeper' in Rising 49, February 2009
'Knock-Off Country' in Poetry Nottingham 62/3, January 2009
'Omega' in Shakespeare's Monkey Volume 2, Issue 2 January 2009
'Caligula gone cold' in Rising 47, September 2008
Three poems in Mimesis 3, November 2007
Six poems in Mimesis 1, April 2007
'Mary, I get to' in Obsessed With Pipework 37, Febrary 2007
Three poems in Gold Dust 9, Winter 2006
'Scanish Swift' in South 33, April 2006
'Kosher Cajun' in Aesthetica 11, January 2006
'Spitfire's Poetry Kit' in iota 71, Winter 2005
'Kilimanjaro Beer' in the bluechrome anthology, 2005
'Svetlana Feofanova' in Spiked 15, 2005
'Boatmakers by the Banyan Tree' and 'Diver' in The New Writer 65, March/April 2004
'Warhead' in the bluechrome anthology, 2004
'Odi et Amo' and 'Turtlesong' in Eggbox 2, 2003

'Staring Into Space' (6 poems and book) as part of About A Minute, the inaugural exhibition at The Gopher Hole in Shoreditch, December 2010
'Unfinished Sculpture' in Mercy Liverpool Biennial Audio Guide, October 2010

'Non-Joke' in Fuselit: Demo, October 2005
'The Optician' in Fuselit: Catapult, November 2005
'The Letters Have Become Birds' (short prose) in Fuselit: Straddle, December 2005
'Red Alert' in Fuselit: Alarm, January 2006
'Jeremy Brett' in Fuselit: Rogue, March 2006
'Missing: One Stegamasaurus' in Fuselit: Snarl, May 2006
'If my life were a hit TV series ...' in Fuselit: Adore, November 2006
'English Assignment ...' (short prose) in Fuselit: Battery, January 2007
'Twelve O'Clock at the Old Bailey' in Fuselit: Proof, April 2007
'Compact Rocambole' (short prose) in Fuselit: Nude, July 2007
'Ill Winds' (short prose) in Fuselit: Cabaret, Autumn 2007
'Shan Hai-Jinx Selection, Summer 08, page 25' in Fuselit: Fox, Summer 2008
'The lionfish squanders his last night on earth ...' in Chimerium, sold with Fuselit: Aquarium, Winter 2008
Two poems in Coin Opera, December 2009
'I'm naming the swifts' in Birdbook: Towns, Parks, Gardens & Woodland, May 2011
'Sandy Swallows' in Birdbook: Freshwater Habitats, November 2012
'How Weak You Are!', 'Women Who Fight', 'Cento For a Nameless One' and 'Headstone Fortress' in Coin Opera 2: Fulminare's Revenge, December 2013