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RUFFIAN READY SALE: Hell Creek Anthology

£6.00 £3.00

Poems by JT Welsch
Images by Dom&Ink

NOTE: RUFFIAN READY copies have mild cover damage or imperfections due to their scrapping and mischief. Inner pages are as new. Grab a bruiser of a bargain!

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Follow JT Welsch and Dom&Ink into the dark heart of Hell Creek, Montana. Eavesdrop on the machinations and politics of the terrible lizards living, loving and tyrannising there. Try to survive.

48pp, ISBN 978-1-909560-04-8



Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology, published in 1915, comprised epitaphs for the community of a fictional small American town. In this supersaurine collaboration, J.T. Welsch and Dom&Ink provide the same service for some of the real life prehistoric residents of Hell Creek, Montana – including Tyrannosaurus rex, his attorney Judge Anklyosaurus, the radical Stygimoloch spinifer, and convicted cop killer Dromaeosaurus albertensis. Spiky, razor-toothed, densely plated poems spill a bleak saga, fringed with savagely assured inks and thunderous colour, as the predators and lovers of Hell Creek come up against their individual and collective doom.

“A truly fanciful poetic adaptation encompassing some of the most famous characters in palaeontological history.”

Dr. Lowell Dingus (American Museum of Natural History), author of Hell Creek, Montana: America’s Key to the Prehistoric Past.

About the Authors

J.T. Welsch has published six chapbooks of poetry, including Orchids (Salt), Waterloo (Like This), and most recently, The Ruin (Annexe). He lives in York, UK, where he teaches at the University of York. Find him at jtwelsch.com and @jtwelsch.

Dom & Ink (Dominic Evans) has published two illustrated books, Map My Heart and Map My Style (Huck & Pucker). His work has also appeared in Glamour and Brighton Museum. He lives in Manchester, UK. Find him at domandink.com and @Dom_Ink.