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Catullus, I tell myself, here’s the angle: trouble comes when there’s time to burn.

Bad Kid Catullus


Gaius Valerius Catullus was Ancient Rome’s most notorious scandal-monger, filthsmith and lovelorn wretch. In this interactive handbook, his famously sexy, savage, tender and scurrilous poems have been transformed and mutated in myriad ways: compressed, expanded, bricolaged, Catullus in six pulp genres, Catullus as playlist – even a Catullus karma sutra. And then there are pages for you, the reader, to fill in, in your own obscene fashion. You’ll never look at a sparrow the same way again.

176pp, ISBN 978-1-909560-25-3

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Sidekick Headbooks: headlong expeditions into the half-known. A blend of the factual and fantastical, the lyrical and the visual – and intensely customisable, with scrapbook and do-it-yourself pages. Grab a stylus and get stuck in. Bad Kid Catullus is the second book in the series. For a deeper dive, try our underwater odyssey, and our maiden Headbooks voyage, Aquanauts.


Rowyda Amin, Andre Bagoo, Vahni Capildeo, James Coghill, Jei Degenhardt, Craig Dobson, Tim Dooley, Harry Giles, Kirsten Irving, Erik Kennedy, Kathleen Latham, Lindsay MacGregor, Ian McLachlan, Gabrielle Nolan, Wanda O’Connor, Abi Palmer, Abigail Parry, Eileen Pun, Shauna Robertson, Jon Stone, Peter Surkov, Andrea Tallarita, Claire Trévien, Inga Vesper, Rob Walton, Tony Williams, Kate Wise, Jennifer Wong.


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